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The Autistic Trans Guide to Life

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This essential survival guide gives autistic trans and/or non-binary adults all the tools and strategies they need to live as their very best self. Blending personal accounts with evidence-based insights and up-to-date information, and written from a perspective of empowerment and self-acceptance, the book promotes pride, strength and authenticity, covering topics including self-advocacy, mental health and camouflaging and masking as well as key moments in life such as coming out or transitioning socially and/or physically. Written by two leading autistic trans activists, this book honestly charts what life is like as an autistic trans person and is vital, life-affirming reading.
Acknowledgements; Foreword - Dr Emma Goodall; Introduction: 1. Autism and Gender Identity; 2. Gender Diversity, Affirming Gender and Transitioning; 3. Coming out; 4. Work & College; 5. Interoception, Camouflaging and Masking; 6. Older Autistic Trans Adults; 7. Strategies and tips to promote pride and strength; 8. Mental health
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