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Trees in Literatures and the Arts

HumanArboreal Perspectives in the Anthropocene
Embracing the intersectional methodological outlook of the environmental humanities, the contributors to this edited collection explore the entanglements of cultures, ecologies, and socio-ethical issues in the roles of trees and their relationships with humans through narratives in literature and art.
Carmen Concilio is associate professor at the University of Turin. Daniela Fargione is assistant professor at the University of Turin.
In Trees in Literature and the Arts, Carmen Concilio and Daniela Fargione have gathered a wide array of interdisciplinary contributions from international scholars in the Environmental Humanities. Whether through close analyses of texts, artworks and visual media, or through the anthropological study of material practices, every essay in this volume uniquely argues that the interaction between trees and humans, across time and space, has been essential to the imagination of sustainable multispecies worlds where shared flourishing is possible. Surely, this is reason enough to read this inspiring and insightful book, whose multifaceted visions of humanarboreal relations are well worth sharing with students and friends alike.--Cecilia Novero, University of Otago Comprised of eighteen eloquently written chapters that elucidate the time-honored kinship between human and vegetal life, Trees in Literatures and the Arts is a fascinating book on human-tree coevolutionary relations. The emerging collective argument is that, examined with their symbolic and cultural meanings in literary texts, arts, and cultural narratives, these relations can enhance ecological consciousness and eradicate anthropocentrism in the 'humanarboreal' story.--Serpil Oppermann, Cappadocia University
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