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Comprehensive Language Coaching Handbook

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Coaching in ELT is often addressed as in how to coach teachers. Throughout this book, Gabriella Kovacs looks at how coaching skills and tools can be applied in the classroom directly with learners, both individually and in group work. In addition, at the end of each chapter, there is a chance to reflect on your language coaching and use experiential learning to build the best practice appropriate to you and your teaching context.  By using A Comprehensive Language Coaching Handbook you will: - improve your understanding of language coaching and its relation to language training and teaching practices; - be able to identify specific target clientele and situations when language coaching can support best; - be able to recognise when and how to apply language coaching practices; - develop an understanding of language coaching and related fields as an evidence-based framework; - have an understanding of how language coaching can be adapted in language teaching frameworks; - be able to reflect on your teaching and experiential learning at the end of each chapter.  This book also: - provides clear examples of language coaching tools and coaching interventions (explaining how they can boost language learner confidence, success and autonomy) - offers case studies in which the full language coaching process can be seen; - provides a base for creating personalised action plans; - gives specific coaching and language coaching models to adapt for the classroom; - shares insights from international language coaching practitioners; - look at mindsets in language professionals teaching and their learners approach to learning and provide ways to reframe.

Introduction Part 1: Theory - A coaching overview - How language coaching supports language teaching - The language coaching process - Language coaching skills, competences and standards - Case studies - Language coaching in practice - Approaches to language coaching - A learning log - What lies ahead? - The merits of coaching - Language coaching tools - Professional dos and donts Part 2: Practice Appendices

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