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The Teen's Guide to PDA

Being a teenager is tricky at the best of times. Your body is changing and hormones are raging around your body - adding PDA to the mix makes this even harder! You may often feel misunderstood by others, and find it hard to understand yourself too. Whether you've just been diagnosed with PDA -or are a seasoned PDAer keen to know a bit more - this warm and wittily illustrated guide will give you a better understanding of your amazing brain and why you are so good at some things, but find other things tricky. It will help you to advocate for yourself better, understand your anxieties, manage rejection sensitivity dysphoria, explain to your family and friends and others what you need (and what drives you up the wall) - and navigate school or alternative education.
Laura Kerbey is the co- founder of PAST (Positive Assessments Support and Training) and Kite Therapeutic Learning. She has been working with autistic children and young people for over 20 years and is neurodivergent herself. Eliza Fricker is a neurodivergent illustrator, author and mother of a neurodivergent child. She is the writer and illustrator for her blog, Missing the Mark and is always looking for new ways to help parents feel seen and heard.
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