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The A-Z of Trauma-Informed Teaching

Strategies and Solutions to Help with Behaviour and Support for Children Aged 3-11

What does trauma-informed teaching really look like in the classroom, and can we really achieve it? Maybe you, like many other teachers, will reach the end of a busy day feeling exhausted, deskilled and less than keen to dive into a book on the theory of trauma. Luckily you wont find any complex theory or jargon in this book, but you will gain an understanding of how small humans develop, how perplexing behaviours can be explained and learn inclusive strategies that will help all children in your classroom and school. Part 1 provides you with an explanation of what trauma-informed teaching involves. Then, Part 2 lists an A-Z of issues and behaviours for you to flip to in your busiest moments, ranging from Aggression and Lateness right through to Learning Challenges and Zzz (sleep issues). Gain new understanding into the children in your classroom with this book offering you strategies to better support every childs mental health and resilience.

Daniel Thrower is CEO of The Wensum Trust, Anne Oakley is the Strategic Lead for Attachment and Trauma at The Wensum Trust but also supports Norfolk schools, Sair Penna works within the Centre of Excellence in Child Trauma supporting the delivery of education, training, resources, peer support and therapeutic support to families who care for neurodivergent children and children who have experienced trauma, Hannah OBrien is founder of and CEO of Wickselm House Alternative Learning Centre and Sarah Naish is CEO and founder of the Centre for Excellence in Child Trauma. This talented author team combines extensive experience in both teaching and supporting children with developmental trauma and attachment difficulties.

An A-Z of successful strategies for teachers to help with the behaviour and learning of children who struggle in school settings

•Sarah Naish is a best-selling JKP author with her Therapeutic Books Range selling over 70,000 copies across print and digital

•Trauma-informed education is a hot topic - two of JKPs bestselling titles in recent years have been on this topic (Brummer, Trauma-informed Restorative Education 9781787752672 and Brunzell, Creating Trauma-Informed, Strengths-Based Classroom 978-1787753747)

•A-Z dip-in format is perfect for busy teachers requiring immediate support and strategies for certain behaviours  (one of the successful ingredients to Sarah Naishs bestseller The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting)

•Expert author team - combines Sarahs platform as an expert on trauma with co-authors platforms in teaching and school leadership

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