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The Gender Friend

A 102 Guide to Gender Identity
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If you lifted this book from the shelf, you're probably interested in learning more about gender. You could be in the earliest stages of questioning, newly out, well into your transition, or an ally hoping to receive some extra tips and tricks. No matter your starting point, you're in the right place. Moving beyond pronouns, the basics of social and physical transition and how to be a good ally, this definitive guide explores the ins and outs of gender - from affirming language, how to explore and question gender, coming out to parents, finding gender euphoria, supporting loved ones and yourself, and advice on what not to say - to help you understand the nuances of gender and the lived realities of trans people. With self-reflective exercises, personal anecdotes and example scenarios, this book will teach you the secrets to becoming the best gender ally you can be. Written by a young black queer trans adult, this empowering and contemporary guide is your 'gender friend' who is ready to actively listen, advise you as needed, and provide you with support as you grow as an ally, or approach the next steps in your own unique gender journey. Welcome to the gender book you've been waiting for.
Oakley "Oak" Phoenix is a queer black trans writer based in Salem, Oregon. They write a popular LGBTQ+ blog - theoaknotes - and their writing has also appeared in Psychology Today. The Gender Friend is their first book.
Introduction -Welcome! 1-Who am I? 2-What words should we be using? 3-How did I become Oak? 4-Let's start thinking about your gender! 5-So, what's your gender, Oak? 6-How do I create my gender euphoria? 7-Ignorance ain't bliss - it's time for a question break! 8-How can I support myself through a gender journey? 9-A mother's point of view! 10-How can I support my loved one through their gender journey? 11-What not to say? 12- Putting it all together! Conclusion-It's been a pleasure and an honor. Acknowledgments Notes Further Reading
The definitive book for those looking to dig deeper and understand gender identity or their own gender journey
An approachable, personal story of growth and gender discovery that numerous readers will find themselves and their trans love ones reflected in. Oakley's smooth, reflective narration helps make the often-intimidating process of gender exploration feel joyous and freeing. -- Dr Devon Price, author of Laziness Does Not Exist and Unmasking Autism
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