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Figuring it Out Step by Step
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Navigating the world with an ADHD brain can be exhausting. The rollercoaster ride from clinical assessments through diagnosis to treatment can leave you feeling anxious and isolated, worried about failing or feeling different. This handy guide is here to change all that. If you have (or suspect you have) ADHD, you'll know the frustration of being given neurotypical or clinical advice - but this is straight from an ADHD brain to you. The accessible A-Z format, covering everything from burnout and finances to time management and relationships, gives you the tips and confidence you need to reach your full potential. It empowers you to understand why ADHD brains work the way they do and how to harness your unique mind to think creatively and overcome any hurdle life throws at you. Easy to digest and full to the brim with practical life advice including budgeting plans for impulsive spending, advice on rejection sensitive dysphoria and ways to relax, this book provides everything you need to feel confident and supported through your ADHD diagnosis and beyond.
Leanne Maskell is an ADHD coach, author, and consultant. She was diagnosed with ADHD age 25, trained at the ADD Coach Academy and worked in mental health & disability legal policy for over 2 years. Having trained companies such as Microsoft, Leanne founded 'ADHD Works' to help others harness the strengths of ADHD through coaching, education, and empowerment. This is Leanne's third book.
A is for ADHD B is for Burnout C is for Confidence D is for Diagnosis E is for Exercise F is for Finance G is for Grounding H is for Hyper-focus I is for Impulsivity J is for Jobs K is for Kindness L is for Love M is for Medication N is for No O is for Organisation P is for Procrastination Q is for Quitting R is for Rejection S is for Sleep T is for Time Management U is for Unite V is for Vices W is for Weaknesses X is for X-rated Y is for Your Body Z is Zen Works Cited
A guide to navigating life as a young adult with ADHD - from someone who's been through it all
The ADHD: An A to Z is like having a friend walk you through your early journey with ADHD when the NHS websites are full of scary symptomatic speak. Leanne's book is exceptionally well written via the lens of an ADHDer for ADHDers - the book packs the latest research from experts in the field of ADHD and personal lived experience which gives readers a sense of validation and solidarity. What's most important is that the book is accessible, practical and broken down in manageable chunks - perfect for someone with ADHD. -- Samantha Hiew PhD, Founder and Director of ADHD Girls Ltd This book is a must read for anyone who is getting to grips with and understanding ADHD. The clear and easy to follow format of the book makes it an easy and pleasurable read. -- Mike Pickets Ambassador for Nutritious Minds and Founder of Raver Tots
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