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The Awesome Autistic Guide to Other Humans

Relationships with Friends and Family
Let's face it, other humans can be difficult to understand sometimes! There is no need to worry! Yenn, Tanya and a tiny meerkat called Min are here to help you find out everything you need to know about friendships, improving relationships with your family members, and how to deal with issues and arguments that can arise with the people in your life. Answering the difficult questions like 'What makes a good friend?' and 'Why do adults tell me to do things?' this book gives you helpful tips, tricks, and advice you need to help you understand other humans whilst staying true to your own awesome autistic self!
Yenn Purkis is autistic and non-binary and has published a range of books with JKP since 2006. They actively speak at autism conferences and have increasingly spoken and written on the crossover between autism and LGBTQ+ identities, and received the ACT Volunteer of the Year award for work in Autism advocacy Tanya Masterman is an autistic parent of an autistic child and co-wrote The Awesome Autistic Go-To Guide with Yenn Purkis. She is Canberra Coordinator for Gifted 2E Support Australia (a national support group for families of twice-exceptional young people) and a former Events Coordinator for Yellow Ladybugs, an organisation that supports autistic girls and gender diverse young people.
A guide to help teach kids all about friends, family and other humans.
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