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Notes for Neuro Navigators

The Allies Quick-Start Guide to Championing Neurodivergent Brains
"Being autistic is full-on, but being in the life of someone who is autistic? This can be epic, world-changing love." In a world built for neurotypicals, how can you help autistic loved ones navigate their way to happiness? Packed with strategies and honest, down-to-earth advice, autistic author Jolene Stockman explores the myriad ways you can boost the autistic in your life: from creating safe spaces and supporting self-care, to changing your own perspective, and advocating for them with others. Picking up this book is the next step in your journey towards enhancing the lives of autistics - so welcome! It's time to find out how we can help those we love to navigate the current world, and work together to build a brighter one that supports us all.
Jolene Stockman is tangata whaitakiwatanga (an autistic person), and a bi-racial (Maori and Pakeha) woman from Aotearoa (New Zealand). She has progressed from schoolgirl with situational mutism to multi-award-winning author and international TEDx speaker. Since her adult autism diagnosis and TEDx Talk 'coming out' in 2018 she has been inspiring corporations, communities, and global giants with her fresh perspective on autism. Jolene is a professional technical writer and author of Autistic World Domination set to be published in 2023.
A guide for parents, friends, and carers working with autistic adults which explains how to world looks to autistic individuals and how others can best provide support.
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