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Yoga for Sports Performance

A Guide for Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Bodyworkers
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Many sports people are interested in trying yoga techniques in the hope of improved flexibility, strength, breathing and concentration, but many can be prevented from optimal results due to a lack of understanding on the part of yoga teachers of the specific physical requirements of their sport. This is a manual for professionals who work with athletes of all disciplines and shows them how to adapt yoga practice for swimmers, cyclists, runners, tennis players and more. This bridge between evidence-based modern sports medicine and the ancient practices of yoga, provides solid training guidance as well as offering psychological wisdom to help control and refine the actions of the mind. Essential reading for yoga therapists and teachers, athletic coaches and bodywork professionals who work with athletes.
Jim Harrington works in Remedial and Sports Therapies and in applying yoga techniques along with corrective exercise and manual bodywork therapies. He was the official Yoga Coach to the Indian National Cricket Team when they won the Cricket World Cup. He is currently working on Yoga Teacher Training programmes and on teaching advanced workshops for yoga practitioners and athletes. He is Australian but currently based in South Africa.
1. East Meets West. 2. The Solution is Yoga Specialised. 3. The Many Faces of Yoga. 4. Functional Movement. 5. Biomechanics and Yoga. 6. Motor Control. 7. Posture versus Postures. 8. Yoga Alignment Re-Defined. 9. Functional Anatomy Lines. 10. Understanding sports injuries and yoga injuries. 11. World according to Yoga. 12. Breathing. 13. Psychology and Mental Training. 14. Sequencing. 15. Yoga for Cyclists. 16. Yoga for Cricket. 17. Yoga for Running Sports.
How to use and adapt yoga to improve sports performance in athletes of all disciplines
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