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CBT to Help Young People with Asperger's Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disor

der) to Understand and Express Affection
Michelle Garnett, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and founder and Director of Minds & Hearts: A Specialist Clinic for Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. She has specialized in autism spectrum disorders for the past 20 years, and created the first screening instrument for Asperger's Syndrome, the Australian Scale for Asperger's Syndrome (ASAS) in 1993. Michelle has been an invited speaker at many national and international conferences. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.
Part 1. Introduction. 1.1. Why children and adolescents who have Asperger's syndrome (autism spectrum disorder) need a programme to understand and express affection. 1.2. Aims of the programme. 1.3. Who can use this programme?. 1.4. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Part 2. How to conduct the programme. 2.5. Assessment of the ability to communicate affection. 2.6. How to run group and Individual sessions. 2.7. Session components. 2.8. Session Overviews. Part 3. Sessions. 3.1. Introduction to the programme: Exploring Feelings of Affection. 3.2. Beginning to Recognize and Express Affection. 3.3. Giving and Receiving Compliments. 3.4. The Reason we Express Like or Love through Affectionate Words and Gestures. 3.5. Developing our Skills at Expressing Affection. Recommended resources. References. Appendix 1. Stories Used in the Assessment Programme. Appendix 2. Affection Questionnaires.
This programme provides a welcome and needed new ""positive"" perspective on ASD. Attwood and Garnett provide guidance on how to help children with ASD experience and express affection and like, something so important to the human condition and critical to healthy family functioning.
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