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Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships

Understanding Yourself & Make Choices that are Right for you

Unravelling the complexities of relationships and sexuality, this straight-talking guide will help you to navigate the associated social, emotional and physical issues. Expert advice and real life examples give you the knowledge to reflect on your own sexuality, provide you with information on different types of relationship, and gives you the confidence to decide which type of relationship is right for you. Together with important information on sexual health, this book will help you to understand how to find and maintain a relationship of your choosing in a safe and enjoyable way.

Exploring the often unspoken rules of sex and relationships, this book also covers often unaddressed topics, such as:

* what sexual attraction looks and feels like
* how to identify your own sexual identity and preferences (and how they may change)
* what your rights are, and how to stay safe
* having children, or choosing not to, the impact of this on relationships
* how to recognise power imbalances within relationships, and what to do

Introduction. 1. Overview of Relationships and Sexuality. 2. Gender. 3. Types of Sexuality. 4. Types of Relationships. 5. Understanding Your Own Sexuality. 6. Understanding the Sexuality of Others. 7. Sexual Relationships. 8. Non-sexual Relationships. 9. Starting Sexual Relationships. 10. Sexual Relationships in Real Life. 11. Meeting Online and Transitioning to Real Life. 12. Ending Relationships. 13. Reasons Why You Should End Long-term Relationships. 14. Maintaining Long-term Relationships. 15. Sexual Activity and Sexual Pleasure. 16. Sexual Activity By Yourself. 17. Sexual Activity with Someone Else. 18. Having Children (Your Own and Others) and How this Affects Relationships. 19. Choosing Not to Have Children. 20. Physical and Mental Health and Relationships. 21. Physical and Mental Health and Sexual Activity. Summary.

The Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships is a solid guide...Powerful, easy-to-read and practical advice providing knowledge and strategies for people with autism.

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