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Older Adults and Autism Spectrum Conditions: An Introduction and Guide

Dr Wenn B. Lawson PhD, CPsychol is a lecturer and author. Since being diagnosed with autism in 1994, Wenn is passionately committed to campaigning for the rights of people on the autism spectrum. In 2008 Wenn was awarded fourth place in the 'Victorian Australian of the Year' awards.
Acknowledgements. Taking the road well-travelled. Foreword. Carol Povey. Introduction. Ageing and ASC: The definition of autism spectrum conditions (ASC) and ageing. 1. Ageing in ASC: Stress Support needs due to memory changes and changes in daily living. 2. Ageing in ASC and building appropriate communication strategies. 3. Ageing in ASC: Working with personality. 4. Ageing in ASC: supporting seniors to identify their own feelings, thoughts and actions. 5. Ageing in ASC: Support for seniors in transition. 6. Ageing in ASC: preparing our future, ameliorating/avoiding loneliness. 7. Ageing in ASC: Dual diagnosis and Mental Health. 8. Ageing in ASC: Ageing comfortably. Creativity and Spirituality.
A visionary, intelligent and compassionate book. Wenn Lawson's understanding of autism is firmly based on a lifetime of personal experience on the spectrum and years of academic scholarship. His book should be on the shelf of anyone interested in ageing, autism and the distinctive needs of each one of us. There is a long way yet to go in this field - Dr Lawson once again clearly and thoughtfully points us in the right direction. Future generations will look back and say, ""He was a pioneer.""
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