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Growing Up Modern

Canberra's Round House and Alex Jelinek

Named "a genius if there ever was one", Czech refugee Alex Jelinek created Australias 1957 House of the Year in the uniquely modern city of Canberra. This is the story of how Canberra’s ‘Round House’ came to be designed, built, and lived in – alongside the stories of the people who turned it into the home it is today. The cultural intensity of the Benjamin familys lives in the 1960s and 1970s is brought vividly to life by the author, who in 1999 bought back the house and undertook its restoration. Lovers of mid-century modern design will revel in this first-hand account of a childhood spent in the crucible of 60s culture.

Roger Benjamin is Professor of Art History at the University of Sydney, passionate about his family’s history and that of the home he grew up in.

* Over 100 full-colour images of the houses design, construction and evolution. * Includes several interviews with architect Alex Jelinek. * An extensive and detailed story of one of Australias most unique homes.
* Roger Benjamin’s book was featured in a spread of the Australian Book Review’s Architecture section, for their June 2023 issue.

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