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Flowers of Malaya

Chinese Sisters in Australia
A Malay-Chinese and an Anglo-Australian family become one when the grieving and financially struggling Mrs M invites two Chinese boarders from Ipoh, Malaysia, into her home—Fay and Ping Chao. In so doing, Mrs M irrevocably changes the lives of her daughter and two grandsons, Cas, James and Nick, forever. Over the next seven years, the cultural boundaries that initially separated the two families gradually dissolve, replaced by a mutual love and respect for one another and their respective cultures. This heart-warming, three-part memoir can also serve as a guide for future foreign students wishing to enter Australia.
Cas McFarlane is an experienced writer whose work reflects the lives of those within the landscapes of Australian cities, coastal towns, and the countryside. Graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts and Education, Cas was a teacher of English, German, Scripture, History and Latin, in Melbourne and Ballarat; she was also employed as a feature writer for The Age and the Melbourne Weekly. McFarlane’s short stories have won several awards in New Zealand and Australia, and have appeared in Quadrant, Australian Short Stories, and in Antipodes. In her spare time, Cas leads a quiet life on her small farm in rural Bellarine, close to family, where she grows her own produce, tends to her cows, listens to music, and writes.
* Can be read as a guide for Chinese students entering Australia. * An easy reading account of two families across cultures and generations becoming one. * This text illustrates the positive and enriching experience of boarding with Australian family.
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