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Ground Breaking

  • ISBN-13: 9781875703562
  • Publisher: KERR PUBLISHING
  • By Philip Mulvey, By Freya Mulvey
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  • Local release date: 25/07/2023
  • Format: Paperback (230.00mm X 154.00mm) 260 pages Weight: 390g
  • Categories: Sustainability [RNU]

Practical solutions for agicultural managemnt, enabling the restoration of landscape, climate and community. Zero carbon emissions alone won’t stop global warming. Agricultural land use is turning the world’s breadbaskets into deserts. But the depleted soil that feeds us all today might yet save our civilisation. In Western Australia, the rabbit-proof fence presents the world’s largest study of contrasting land management within the same vast region. The ‘Bunny Fence Experiment’ is strong evidence that clearing and cropping is a major reason rainfall dropped by 20% in the Wheat Belt between 1976 and 2002, and continues to drop. Ground Breaking explains how modern farming methods deplete the soil and influence our climate: exporting heat waves, dust, and fire south-eastward in Eastern Australia and north-westward in Western America. It presents solutions too: managing land use to reduce bare ground, restore the small water cycle and sequester carbon in the soil

Philip Mulvey is a soil and landscape scientist, businessman and entrepreneur. For over forty years’ he has been working to restore and rehabilitate all types of degraded land in different climate zones around the world. He is the CEO of EESI Group and Ryzo, companies that focus on environmental management and landscape restoration. His work has given him a unique insight into how land captures, processes and exports heat and how water cycles are disrupted and how they can be restored. 
Freya is a regulatory lawyer and environmental enthusiast. In 2017 she won the National Civil Justice Award for championing the rights of Timorese seaweed farmers in the Montara Oil Spill class action. Freya advocates for soil and landscape regulation and agricultural reform; essential and complementary climate mitigation tools. 

* How to manage land use. * How to sequester carbon in soil. * How to reduce bare ground. * How to increase bush corridors.
* Brisbane writers festival panel May 23.
* Philip Mulvey attends soil-and-agriculture conferences.
* Interview with AAP.
* Interview with The Weekly Times.
* Podcast interview: ALL THE DIRT.
* Interview on The Science Show with Robyn Williams.
* PIP MAGAZINE – Review.
SYNDICATED 19 times: Bega District News; Armidale Express; Eastern Riverina Chronical; Nyngan Observer; Inverell Times; Donnybrook Bridgetown Mail; Goulburn Post; Port Macquarie News; the Stawell Times-News; Glen Innes Examiner; Hawkesbury Gazette; Great Lakes Advocate; Grenfell Record; Forbes Advocate; Blue Mountains Gazette; Blayney Chronicle; Camden Haven Courier; Braidwood Times; AAP General News 

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