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ADHD and Attention Difficulties

How to Help
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Part of the How to Help series of books exploring issues commonly faced by children and young people at home and at school, ADHD and Attention Difficulties offers a complete introduction to this complex and sensitive topic. While there is no one 'best' strategy for managing ADHD, many of the most problematic issues spring from an inability to manage distractions - so young people tend to do best when provided with a consistent, structured environment. Placing at the heart of the work the premise that those who struggle with attention difficulties respond best to people who understand that it is neurological deficits, not unwillingness, that prevent them from behaving and learning like their peers, Fin O'Regan and Sara Cave explore the issues, challenges and experiences commonly faced by a young person with ADHD - and how parents, carers, teachers and schools can help.
FIN O'REGAN is a Behaviour and Learning Consultant and Trainer who works nationally and internationally with schools and support systems to design management strategies for children and families struggling with special educational needs and behaviour issues. From 1996-2002 he was Head Teacher of the Centre Academy, the UK's first school to specialise in issues related to ADHD, Autism and ODD. Fin has written books and articles on a range of learning, behaviour and socialisation issues. SARA CAVE is a SENCO in a village primary school in Kent. She qualified as a teacher in 2001 and has since taught across the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stages 1 and 2. She has also worked as a specialist lead for literacy, reading and phonics. Sara has extensive classroom experience working with children with attention difficulties, as well as leading support and provision in an advisory and leadership capacity across the school.
Series Preface; About the Authors; Authors' Preface; How to Use This Book Part 1: Introduction 1. What is ADHD?; 2. Causes and consequences; 3. Assessment and diagnosis; 4. Overlapping issues; Ten key things to know about ADHD Part 2: How teachers can help 5. Why are they bored?; 6. How can I create a class that's ready to learn?; 7. Why can't they remember and how do I support them?; 8. Organising the disorganised; 9. Promoting positive behaviour; 10. Why don't they listen?; 11. Self-regulation; 12. Developing effective rapport, relationships and resilience Part 3: How parents and professionals can work together 13. The importance of parent-school collaboration; 14. Support through referral and assessment; 15. The role of medication; 16. Coaching, counselling and CBT; 17. Diet, sleep and exercise; 18. ICT and Speech and Language Therapy; 19. Transitions; 20. Adults & ADHD Part 4: How parents can help 21. What does ADHD do to a family?; 22. Diagnosis: the facts; 23. Working with schools; 24. Working with teachers; 25. Activities outside school; 26. Discipline and behavioural changes; 27. Social skills and situations; 28. A typical day Part 5: Conclusion and resources 29. Summary; 30. Advice for parents and carers; 31. Advice for teachers; Appendices
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