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Australian Geographic A Naturalist's Guide to the Insects of Australia

A Naturalist’s Guide to the Insects of Australia is an easy-to-use photographic identification guide to 292 species of insect commonly seen in Australia, and is perfect for residents and visitors alike. The 2nd edition includes updated taxonomy and an extensive collection of new images of the species covered. High quality photographs from Australia’s top nature photographers are accompanied by detailed species descriptions, which include nomenclature, size, distribution, habitat and habits. The user-friendly introduction covers modern Australian insects, non-insect hexapods and life cycles. Also included is an up-to-date checklist of the insect families of Australia listing the number of genera and species in each family.
Peter Rowland is a nature conservationist, educator and photographer, who worked at the Australian Natural History Museum for a period spanning 20 years. Peter has a comprehensive knowledge of Australian fauna and flora, and has written and contributed to 15 books and several scientific papers on the wildlife of Australasia. In 1999, Peter was the recipient of a Whitley Award from the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales. Rachel Whitlock studied biological science at The University of Queensland (UQ) and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a focus on insect systematics and taxonomy. She is interested in exploring Australia's unique faunal diversity and how evolution has helped shape it, alongside engaging and educating the general public about biodiversity and conservation.

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