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An Island in Time

Castellorizo in Photographs
AN ISLAND IN TIME, CASTELLORIZO IN PHOTOGRAPHS, 1890-1948 is a chronicle of over fifty dramatic years told through photographs. After researching archives and contacting families across the globe, the authors have gathered in one publication over 220 images which document a half century of a past community and culture. Castellorizo’s history, displayed through its people, places and politics, appears in close up, as well as in panorama. The weddings, funerals and social gatherings are presented against a backdrop of more momentous events that ultimately determined the island’s harsh fate. AN ISLAND IN TIME records through photographs and detailed captions both the momentous and the ephemeral in the daily life of Castellorizo in those traumatic times.
Nicholas Pappas is a Sydney historian and lawyer. His studies of European history have resulted in his book, Castellorizo: An Illustrated History of the Island and its Conquerors (Halstead, 1994), Near Eastern Dreams (Halstead, 2002) and a doctorate from the University of Sydney. He is Chairman of South Sydney Rugby League Club.

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