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Your Life, Your Planet

Packed with practical tips to immediately reduce your environmental footprint
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Your Life, Your Planet is the toolkit and the manual that you need to nurture yourself - and the environment that nurtures you. It is full of tips that will help you to reduce your environmental footprint and enjoy a healthier and more satisfying life. A century and more of incredible growth and consumerism has been and is dangerously damaging our environment and has taught us that we ultimately depend on each other and the natural systems that provide our air, water, food, shelter and clothing. Unless we take personal responsibility and look after ourselves, each other and the natural world in a balanced and harmonious manner, the situation has little chance of improving. In order to tackle issues such as carbon emissions, our fossil fuel dependency, plastic and other pollution, and species loss, we need to actively engage with the people and the world around us and address the habitual way we seek convenience and ease. In doing this this, we will not only reduce our environmental footprint, but we will take the first steps toward Cat Greens ideal of converting our homes from centres of rampant consumption to hubs of environmentally friendly production. 

Geoff Ebbs is a long-term environmental commentator and activist. He has written, edited and published a wide range of business and environmental books and has participated in community radio and publishing. His radio show and online news site,, has been operating since 2005. A regular speaker and facilitator at conferences and workshops, Geoff has built on his background in information technology, media and environmental engineering to help nurture the transition to a post-carbon economy. Geoff continues to drive deep adaptation and regenerative sustainability as the primary agenda for both commercial and community organisations and is currently researching business approaches to those issues at the Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. The organisation he founded in 2005, the Ebono Institute, continues to support community and social enterprise media and his consultancy, Great Notion, provides facilitation and strategic planning services to social enterprise and environmental organisations. Geoff can be heard monthly on EcoRadio through Geoff is supported by a vibrant team of ecowarriors and communicators to maintain this broad approach, many of whom contributed to this book.

How to use this book
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* Endorsed by Australian Geographic.
* One-stop toolkit for reducing your environmental footprint.
* Written by a long-term environmental commentator and activist.
* Structured in an easy to approach tip-by-tip format.
* For children and adults alike.

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