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Did you know that coffin rays zap their prey with electricity, or that velvet worms can pin down their victims with slime? Each and every animal has a predatory trick up its sleeve. Australia is home to some of the strongest, smartest and sneakiest predators in the world, but only one animal can hold the crown as the ultimate predator. Fascinating profiles on more than 40 of our best predators - from famous sharks and crocodiles, to more obscure birds and minibeasts - each with a predator power rating and an array of interesting facts. Be amazed by the physical features and hunting techniques of our apex predators and find out which animal stands above the rest as the Ultimate Predator.
* Profiles of more than 40 of Australia's top animal predators focusing on how they catch prey. * Great imagery from the Australian Geographic library. * Reflects on animal adaptations and the importance of a healthy foodweb for species survival. * Promotion on AG website. * Advertising in AG journal.

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