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Exploring Hidden Sydney

The Secret Histories behind over 700 Sites and Buildings

In this highly illustrated guide local Sydney historian Trevor McAlister takes us on a series of tours throughout the metropolitan area. On each one he highlights a wealth of buildings and sites, giving us insights into the history of Australia’s first and largest city. Each tour takes a leisurely half-day to day to complete on foot. Most tours start and finish at a railway station or ferry wharf. Packed full of the things you might walk past every day without noticing, this is a catalogue of the largest and smallest, the oldest and the youngest, the unexpected and bizarre. Sometimes these details are indeed hidden, but each has a story to tell. Whether taking to the pavements or simply enjoying an armchair tour, the swathe of information in this book will fascinate any Sydneysider.

* Historical observations of hundreds of Sydney points of interest, all illustrated. * From the publishers of the bestselling Woodslane Walking Guides Publicity: * Review Copies & Press Releases - SMH, The Sun Herald, North Shore Times, Books+Publishing

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