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Let the Sun Shine In!

A Wilderness Warriors book

Frank is blind, but nonetheless loves the outdoors and the feel of the sun on his face. In this new story Frank and his friends (the Wilderness Warriors) go on a camping trip with the intention of getting up early to see the sunrise. However, on the pre-dawn walk to the lookout the torch batteries die and the group are plunged into darkness. Frank takes over the lead, making his way confidently with his knowledge of the path and his stick, while the others follow. The story thus delights children while at the same time giving them an insight into the experience of blindness. This is the second in a series of books featuring Lyra, Frank and Charlie, the Wilderness Warriors.

Craig Sheather is a freelance travel and creative writer from Albury in southern New South Wales. He specialises in lifestyle writing about the outdoors, food and wine, luxury, adventure and family travel. Craig is married with two cheeky young children so he has also developed a strong interest in children’s books. He has authored three previous childrens books, Sparky the Wonder Puppy, Heroes of Black Summer and Dad, Get off Your Phone! (the first Wilderness Warriors book). Adam Smith is a person who is blind and who also has a mental health condition. Let the Sun Shine In! is his first book. The narrative aims to help those, especially kids, with a disability, to explore the positive impacts of nature and how having an adventurous spirit is healing. It does this through reflecting on Adam’s own experiences of being disabled and also removes the stigma and silence associated with disability.

* A new story featuring the Wilderness Warriors (Dad, get off your Phone!).
* A engaging story that introduces children to the complexities of blindness.
* Wonderfully illustrated by a young up-coming Australian artist.

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