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Jack's Best Day Ever


Jack loves anything that zooms, digs and races. But Jack doesn’t like change and he only ever wants to eat peanut butter sandwiches! This heartwarming, hilarious story of friendship explores how it feels to be neurodivergent, and introduces children to the idea that there is no one-size-fits all way to be human. Follow Jack and his friends as they go on an adventure to the zoo!

"At the core of Gabrielle’s vivid and beautifully written tale is the blossoming friendship between two children, each with their own unique disability and neurodiversity. They observe each others preferences and ways of experiencing the world around them without judgement, with an open heart and a sense of adventure." Lenny De Vries (Disability & Neurodiversity Program Lead).

Gabrielle is a mum of two and works in an Australian University. In her role she does a lot of disability, diversity and inclusion advocacy work with staff and students. Jack, the boy in the story Jack is based upon her son.

*Depicts children with unique disabilities and neurodiversity, important elements of diversity and inclusion covered in the Australian Curriculum. *Fosters empathy, understanding and respect, key issues explored in schools. *Taps into parents key concerns about fussy eating and gives them a fun way to address it. *PR campaign, targeting kids/parenting and autism publications *Author radio interviews *Promoting to schools and child psychologists *Submission for multiple awards


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