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Playing to Win

The Definitive Biography of John Farnham

In this deeply personal and insightful biography, author and music industry insider Jeff Apter provides a rare glimpse inside Farnsies world. Thanks to the support of those close to John its unlike any other book about the man. A family man at heart and the most loyal of friends, John was sometimes uncomfortable with the spotlight and for many years struggled to make his music career as successful as those close to him - including Glenn Wheatley and Molly Meldrum - could see it could be. He finally hit his stride with 1986s Whispering Jack and the breakaway success of Youre the Voice, which became the anthem of a generation. Jeff reveals the drama behind John being named Australian of the Year, how the cassette demo of Youre the Voice was nearly overlooked, and how John once accidentally sparked the attention of ASIO. And he explores Farnhams relationships with the figures who have been instrumental in making him The Voice: his first manager, Daryl Sambell; his wife of 40-plus years, Jill; and longtime friend and manager Glenn Wheatley.

I really enjoyed it, its beautifully written and a fantastic resource.’ —Poppy Stockwell, director of John Farnham: Finding the Voice

Jeff Apter has written more than 30 books about Australian music and musicians. His subjects include Bon Scott, Daniel Johns, AC/DCs Young brothers, Marc Hunter, Johnny OKeefe, Jon English and many others. As a ghostwriter and/or co-writer, Jeff has worked with Kasey Chambers, Richard Clapton and Mark Evans (formerly of AC/DC), and was on staff at Rolling Stone for several years. Jeff lives on the NSW South Coast with his wife and two children, and enough pets to fill a small zoo.

* The most in-depth biography of John Farnham - the Voice.
* The author had access to many who are close to John.

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