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Tragedy: the Ballad of the Bee Gees


The rollercoaster careers of the brothers Gibb – Barry, Robin, Maurice and younger brother Andy – is perhaps the greatest saga in Australian music history. The Bee Gees as a group, and the brothers individually, enjoyed several rebirths over careers that spanned many decades, but it seemed that tragedy followed them at every turn. For every incredible career high there seemed to be a hefty personal downside: divorce, drunkenness and early death are as synonymous with the Gibbs as falsetto harmonies, flares and multi-platinum selling records. This is the story of the brothers’ incredible careers and an examination of the Gibb ‘curse’ – an all-too-human look at the yin and yang of fame. This edition is a re-issue of the original 2015 book entitled: Tragedy - the Sad Ballad of the Gibb Brothers.

Jeff Apter has written more than 30 books about Australian music and musicians. His subjects include John Farnham, Bon Scott, Daniel Johns, AC/DCs Young brothers, Marc Hunter, Johnny OKeefe, Jon English and many others. As a ghostwriter and/or co-writer, Jeff has worked with Kasey Chambers, Richard Clapton and Mark Evans (formerly of AC/DC), and was on staff at Rolling Stone for several years. Jeff lives on the NSW South Coast with his wife and two children, and enough pets to fill a small zoo.

* In-depth recounting of the highs and lows of the careers of the Gibb Brothers.
* Re-issue of the popular 2015 edition.

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