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Wildlife of Australia's Great Barrier Reef

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Myke Mollard's signature illustrations and engaging text bring kids up close and personal with hundreds of the creatures found on Australia's Great Barrier Reef: corals, fish including sharks, turtles and other marine reptiles, whales and dolphins, birds, molluscs, crustaceans, even the animals found on the reef's 900-odd islands. The creatures are not only beautifully drawn and coloured, but the accompanying text vividly describes their lifestyles and habits. The wonderment of these stunning animals, delivered in an engaging cinematic punch, will excite the imaginations of children for life and fully engage any adult with a love of Australia's wildlife.
Myke Mollard is a children’s educator, illustrator, author and designer. He began his career in graphic design, branding management and producing commercials for TV. He later found outlets for his passion for educating kids about the world around them, both in person in classroom and online settings, and via his books which he fully writes and illustrates himself. One of his first books, in 2008, was the best-selling A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures . He is also the author of Australia's Dangerous Creatures , Australia's Endangered Creatures , Australian Dinosaurs and Mega Beasts and Australian Backyard Birds .


The Undersea Coral Wonderland

The Fantastical Colours of Reef Fish

Coral Citadels of the Deep Blue Sea

Sharks: the Fearsome and the Tame

From Bottom-dwelling Stingrays to Mighty Mantas

A Multitude of Moray Eels

Jellyfish: the first Seafarers

The Greatest Octopuses Garden

The Secret World of Nudibranchs

More Molluscs

Colourful Crustaceans

Our Beloved Sea Turtles

An Underworld of our Beautiful Sea Snakes

Land Reptiles of the Reef

Birds of the Reef

Migrating Giants and Resident Dolphins

Other Mammals of the Reef

The End … the Bramble Cay Melomys

* Companion book to Myke's bestselling Creatures books. * Great value large format hardcover at $29.99. * Powerful, vivid drawings are created in a graphic style that’s likened to a comic book. Publicity: * Multiple award nominations incl the Karajia & Environment Award, Qld Literary Awards and CBCA. * Reviews expected from major metro newspapers and key childrens media publications. * Posters and other stunning promotional material available.


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