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Walking & Cycling Canberra's Centenary Trail 2/e

The Australian capital's iconic track in 16 day routes
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This guide, a staple in Woodslane’s hugely successful walking guides series, introduces the best day walks and cycles for visitors and residents alike along Canberra’s Centenary Trail, ranging from leisurely urban strolls to the more rugged tracks deep in the bush. Detailed descriptions and maps help the reader explore the parks, bushland, lakes, rivers and most interesting urban areas along the way. The book is richly illustrated with over 150 full-colour photographs and detailed maps for every section. A summary table of routes indicating distances, facilities and highlights is included to help the reader find exactly the right route for the occasion. The book covers the full circuit, so those wishing the tackle the whole thing in one adventurous trip, with overnight stops, will also find it invaluable.
Original authors Nina Hvoslef and Tallis Didcott are passionate about the outdoors and physical activity. They both work in outdoor education. Tallis lived in Canberra for most of his life, whilst Nina moved here from Norway in 2007, moving back in 2020. Canberran Martin Fisk, who has updated this edition, is an enthusiastic hiker who has done the full Centenary Trail several times.
Regional maps Introduction Suggested itineraries The Centenary Trail at a glance Walking and Cycling Canberra’s Centenary Trail Acknowledgements to the traditional custodians Australian Birds along the Centenary Trail Australian Wildlife along the Centenary Trail Australian Flora along the Centenary Trail Exploring the Centenary Trail with children Useful contacts and further reading Safety on the trail Off-road mountain biking Map symbols Index About the authors
* The only book available on the full route; includes day walk/cycle options. * Covers all aspects of planning and detailed route note. * The route has become very popular for day and multi-day walkers and cyclists. * Press releases targeting regional print/radio media. * EDM campaign to bushwalking and cycling clubs. * Suite of promotional material available.

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