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Birds of Western Australia 2/e

The Field Guide
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Simon Nevill’s celebrated Birds of Western Australia is quite simply the most accessible yet effectively comprehensive guide to all the species that are commonly - and even not so commonly - found in the state, covering the vast majority of sedentary birds and regular migratory birds. Nearly 500 are illustrated and discussed in some detail, making not just for easy identification, but also absorbing contemplation. Over 350 pages of descriptions are prefaced with a 50-page section on habitats, regions and the best ways of getting out and finding the wealth of birdlife across Western Australia. Most of the photographs have been taken by author himself, showing the birds in their natural habitats. The majority of the information imparted in this guide also comes from Simon’s personal experience over many decades of bird watching in Australia, giving the guide a very personal tone. This second edition incorporates the essential species classification changes of the last few years.

Although born in the UK, Simon Nevill has spent most of his life in Australia and the last 50 years watching, studying and photographing birds. He ran bird tours for over 20 years, taking clients overseas and to every state in Australia, including all the main desert regions of this vast country. In the process, he has seen the vast majority of its land birds.





The Regional Area of Western Australia


Maps of Western Australia


Habitat types that occur in Western Australia


and some of the birds that can be found in them


Birdwatching for beginners


Bush safety and awareness


Where to watch birds


Bird plumage topography




Birds of Western Australia




Index – Latin


Index – Common


Selected References

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