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Aitape Story

The Great New Guinea Tsunami of 1998

A comprehensive and gripping account of the disaster that devastated New Guinea in 1998, destroying towns and villages, and taking a shocking death toll. Professor Hugh Davies was there, and in this book he explains in harrowing detail the events of the earthquake and tsunami, and the recovery effort that followed. It also describes the history and geology of the area for layperson and scientist alike. Many lessons learned in the aftermath helped inform the response to earthquakes and tsunamis that followed, such as the Boxing Day tsunami and the Fukushima tsunami.

Professor Hugh Davies of the University of Papua New Guinea is a leader in the earth sciences. His efforts in Aitape won the admiration of many locals and international specialists. His expertise and involvement in the events make him the best possible person to write a lively but accurate account.

Definitive book on subject - Explains science behind tsunamis/earthquakes for average reader - Highlights Australian efforts in PNG recovery

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