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The Evidence of Near Death Experience
Table of

What do near death experiences tell us about life after death? Rev John Spooner believes in Heaven and the afterlife, but he is careful not to let Christian doctrine get in the way of an open-minded inquiry about what death has in store for us all. He quotes people who came  back from the dead claiming knowledge of the other side. This worldwide phenomenon is examined using expert research, gripping first hand testimony, analysis of scripture and the views of sceptics and various religions. 

Rev John William Spooner is an Anglican priest, and Hon. Chaplain at St. James, Sydney, Healing Ministry. He has previously written histories of churches and institutions. He is donating all his proceeds to St Laurence House, a charity which helps homeless teenagers.

CH 1: Introduction 

CH 2: Belief in an Afterlife

CH 3: Research into near death experiences 

CH 4: Historical—A New Phenomenon?

 CH 5: “Rejoice!”—Case Studies

 CH 6: Death Bed Visions

CH 7: The Light

CH 8: Spirits in Divine Service

CH 9: Reality Vis-a-vis Sceptical View

CH 10: Beyond Blind Faith

CH 11: The Great Hope and Christian Promise


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