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An Incomplete History of Community Radio

2SER's 46 Boxes of Stuff

This effervescent history is a window into the wonderful world of community radio—an inspiration to fans of free expression, wherever they are. Forty six unsorted boxes in a damp basement contained the “archives” of one of Australia’s least orthodox media institutions. A quirky record of highs and lows, full of good humour but really accurate. Amazingly, from those daunting vestiges, Liz Giuffre and Demetrius Romeo have woven a compelling book about 2SER and its colourful people. Their “incomplete history” has a way of telling all: — The miraculous permanence of an experimental station — Funny, embarrassing and revealing moments in four decades of radio — 2SER’s mercurial career, delivering music and messages that struggled for a hearing — Adventures of intrepid volunteers, who often went on to make household names in media and politics.

Liz Giuffre lectures in Communication at the UTS, working on media histories as well as contemporary forms like podcasts and born-digital media. Liz is a host and producer of 2SERs "Music Mothers and Others" and writes in magazines. Demetrius Romeo has written and broadcast for years about music and comedy as an enthusiast before returning to university to do much the same, academically. He’s pleased to discover that many years of hoarding books and records can be re-framed as ‘archiving popular culture’.

* Several of todays household names described and illustrated in their early media days. * Foreword by MONICA ATTARD. * 2SER has a commited broad listener/fan base. * Features heart-warming personal stories. * Aims at communty radio people in every state. Publicity: *Excellent radio promotion, on 2SER and sister stations interstate. *Starting week after next, this will be pushed on 2SER and in interviews on ABC radio.

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