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Miss Carmichael and the Midshipman

Accidental Histories Series
Sometimes things just happen. And when a number of things just happen around the same time in the same place there can be unexpected outcomes. This book is about Australia in the 1870s. It involves a disastrous shipwreck, a young Irish woman named Eva Carmichael, a sheep and cattle farm, a rabbit plague and selectors — people who were allowed to set up farms on vacant government land. It tells the true story of how these were all tied together by telegraph wire. Halstead Press presents Paul Ashton’s series of short texts designed to integrate with the Australian Curriculum for Humanities and Social Sciences and English, each focussed on the role that accident and serendipity play in the past and making history. Each short story provides an opportunity for students to engage with history while improving their core language, research and critical thinking skills. They allow for students to understand how that history is not just something that can be found in textbooks, but rather that it is something which is constantly being made around them, and that they are creating their own histories every day. The stories are being written by Paul Ashton, a historian who has published ten history textbooks for Australian schools.
PAUL ASHTON started his career as a high school teacher and ended up a professor of public history at the University of Technology Sydney.
* Expretly crafted and engaging narrtives that align with the Australian curriculum. * Author is a leading historian. * Books in the series have been designed with a fun and accessible reading experience in mind. * Complimentary teaching materials are availble for teachers via the Halstead Press website. Publicity: * An academic journal article has already been written about this book, the author will be talking about it at conferences, and, is editing a volume where some of the book material will be included. * The author also has connections with the History Teachers Association. * * Feature in Teaching History, the journal of the History Teachers Association of NSW by Kate Cameron.

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