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Blue Sky Mind

The Art of Meditation

Your mind has two aspects. Maybe you are only familiar with one — the active thinking mind with all its attendant emotions. Blue Sky Mind will introduce you to the other half — the still mind. While meditation does involve getting to know both aspects of your mind better, more particularly it provides a reliable way to become familiar with the still mind. This aspect of the mind is renowned for its innate inner peace and clarity, loving kindness and wisdom. Meditation introduces us to the still mind with direct certainty. It then helps us to function with confidence from its centre wherein all the qualities we aspire to as good people are to be found. Ian’s first meditation book, Peace of Mind (1987) was one of the first books on meditation published in Australia and was followed by Meditation — Pure and Simple. Blue Sky Mind combines the best of Ian’s first two books with fresh material, guidance and insight into the art of meditation.

Ian Gawler is the founder of the Gawler Foundation, has appeared widely in the media and is a sought-after presenter and speaker at conferences around the world. He has conducted workshops and retreats in his native Australia and internationally for more than thirty years. He is the author of the bestselling You Can Conquer Cancer.

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