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Ageing Well

With Meaning and Contentment

Frances Macnab finds himself, like many, in a new spiritual, emotional, and psychological territory. It is called older age. He finds it helps to understand where we have come from, where we want to be, and how to get there. And perhaps most importantly, what we all need to flourish and thrive rather than just survive in our later years. [New Para] Ageing Well is a manual for older age, it explores ideas on how we can live the later part of our lives with more passion and enjoyment by creating joy, managing moods, avoiding stereotypes, working towards better psychological health, training the brain, focusing on emotional intelligence and much more. 

Francis Macnab writes this book out of extensive experience of helping people cope better with their life. He has written many books, travelled widely taught many groups ... small and very large. A psychotherapist and a teacher of therapists, he has long been an advocate of exploring ways to live through the aspirations and anxieties of their older years and reshape their expectation of a positive future. He is an advocate of an intelligent enjoyable ageing. By such writing he hopes larger numbers of people will embrace this as their objective.  

* Small format book with an easy to follow guide to thrive not just survive in older age.
* Frances Macnab writes with authority and intimate knowledge on ageing, he is a psychotherapist and teacher of therapists but writes with warmth and accessibility.
* Perfect read for multiple audiences: those ageing and living through this period themselves, and those caring for or with ageing family members, loved ones or members of the community. 

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