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The Sticky, Stinky Science Book

With this book youll discover that science isnt dry and boring -- its oozing with curiosity, dripping with fun and exploding with imagination! Filled with cool, crazy and downright gross science experiments to try at home, kids can find out firsthand how to make gloopy slime, take the shell off a raw egg without breaking it, what happens when you microwave soap, and much more. Experiments are alternated with single-page factual entries about crazy and gross science in the real world. Astonishing photos and delightfully gross illustrations accompany the humorous text throughout

Author information After working for a decade as a magazine and book editor, Kris Hirschmann embarked on a 20-year freelance career writing books for children and young adults. She is constantly inspired by her own children, who let her see the world through a child’s eyes every day. She lives just outside Orlando, Florida, USA. Illustrator information Santy Gutierrez has over 20 years experience as an illustrator of editorial cartoons and caricatures for multiple Spanish newspapers, as well as illustrating articles, books and comic strips for magazines and editorial houses and creating graphic campaigns and animation production for advertising companies. He is the founder of Baobab Studio and former chairman of AGPI.

- Collection of simple-yet-wacky experiments kids can do in their own home.

- STEM Experiments providing interactive science experiments for kids in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

- Easy-to-Follow Instructions making science experiments for kids simple and fun to do.

- Stealth science is presented alongside humorous text and delightfully gross illustrations.

- Great ideas or to liven up a rainy day or get kids off the couch and away from TV and computer screens.

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