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In Living Memory

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The story of Australia in the middle decades of the 20th century – from 1930 to 1980 – is one of dramatic contrast; of dark days and light – of economic struggle, anxiety, war and sacrifice, giving way from the 1950s onwards to prosperity, plenty and confidence. Australian Geographic’s In Living Memory surveys these decades with a collection of fascinating, surprising and entertaining photographs of everyday Australian life. Author Alasdair McGregor places the images in their historical context with a thoughtful essay to introduce each of the four chapters – the way we lived, the way we moved, the way we worked and the way we played. This warmly nostalgic collection will appeal to all ages – those who remember the milkman, the dunny man and the ice chest, and those who cheered on Dennis Lillee’s moustache or took part in the ‘bikini wars’ on Bondi Beach.

Alasdair McGregor is a writer, painter and photographer based in Sydney, Australia. His professional and creative interests range across a number of fields and include natural history and the environment, architecture and design, and the history of exploration.

The way we lived The way we moved The way we worked The way we played

* Major nostalgic appeal to babyboomer market .
* More than 300 photographs from library, newspaper and private collections.
* National coverage.
* The perfect gift for loved ones.
* Advertising on Australian Geographic digital platforms and in magazine including:
* Online story about James Houghs artistic process
* Upfront piece in AG magazine
* Jackie Evans publicity campaign (radio interviews, tv etc.)
* Review copies sent out

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