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The Spanish Flu in Australia 1918-20
Table of

Between January 1919 and March 1920, two waves of Spanish flu swept across Australia, touching every settlement from the bottom of Tasmania to the tip of Cape York and from Byron Bay in the east to Broome in the west.  At least 15,000 people died and many more were incapacitated but medical and health specialists, by literally putting their lives on the line, saved countless more and gave Australia a template for what was to come at the country exactly a century later. This book tells the story of the Australian experience of the Spanish Flu and of those who fought it and sometimes lost their lives to it.

Ian W. Shaw is an acclaimed writer of narrative nonfiction who has made an important contribution to Australian history and to the understanding of our nation. After a decade of school teaching and twenty-five years working as a security risk analyst for both government agencies and large private companies, Ian became a full-time writer in 2012. Ian has published eight works on Australian and military history, all of which are characterised by his ability to locate and access hidden tales from our past, and for his meticulous and far-reaching research.

1.    Introduction

2.    Incubation

3.    Prophylaxis

4.    An Ounce of Prevention

5.    Woodman’s Point

6.    Hiatus: December 1918-January 1919

7.    Public Policy, Private Pain

8.    New South Wales: The Heart of the Matter

9.    Victoria: A State of (some) Denial

10.  South Australia: A Big Picnic and a Small Mutiny

11.  Queensland: A Little Late, a Little Light

12.  Western Australia: Friction at the Edges

13.  Tasmania and T.I. : The Outliers

14.  Post-mortem

Appendix: The long voyage of the Boonah

* New and very pertinent social history from one of Australia’s favourite narrative history writers.
* Gives a much-needed historical perspective on the Australian experience of Covid-19.

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