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Gut Health and Fermented Foods

The art and science of gut health and fermentation: Quark, kimchi, yoghurt, kefir, kombucha, and more
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More than ever, we need to understand the relationship between our gut, our health and our food. Living in today’s fast-paced, over-processed world, we can forget how important good food and good bacteria are to maintaining our physical and mental wellbeing. This book focuses on giving you both the history and the science behind fermented foods, and their importance in your diet. It covers how fermentation works, providing you with recipes to get you started. Once you start fermenting, it is important to know how to incorporate these types of foods into your daily life, so ideas are given to help you out in this regard. The goal is to have you make, eat, and love fermented foods. Eat a little every day, change your microbiome, improve your gut health and change your life.
Valerie Pearson has been a home cheesemaker and rampant foodie for over 35 years and has a passion for fresh, organic, homemade foods. Valerie's daughter Angela was born with chemical sensitivity in 1988, and after struggling with food labelling laws, Valerie armed herself with the knowledge and skills needed to take back control of her family's diet. Her company, Green Living Australia, provides ingredients and equipment for making cheeses, fermenting, home preserving and self-sufficient, sustainable living. Valerie continues to write and teach. This is her third book.
Part One: The History of Fermenting Introduction Early Evidence of Fermentation Types of Fermentation Part Two: The Science of Gut Health The Digestive System Microorganisms Fermentation The Human Microbiome and Microbiota Gut Microbiome and Disease Part Three: The Art of Fermenting Wild Fermentation Assisted Fermentation Ingredients Equipment Hygiene and Fermenting Part Four: Recipes and How to Use Them in Your Daily Life Yoghurts Simple Cheeses Probiotic Drinks Fermented Vegetables Sourdough Bread Troubleshooting Photographs Index Resources Bibliography
* Gut health and the gut biome are quickly expanding subjects of interest. * Evidence is rapidly accumulating as to the strong relationship between your gut health and your general health. * The author is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable authority on the subject.
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