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Australian Birds, their Nests and Eggs (Facsimile Edition)

A guide to the nests and eggs of Australian birds that are known to breed in Australia and on Australian offshore islands
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First published in 1980, this 2004 edition is a thorough reference guide to nest and egg identification, with all new colour plates and much additional material. Shape, size, colour, number of eggs in a clutch - all help identify the bird to which the eggs belong. This book carries a strong message to respect the environment that is being explored and to leave the eggs and nests undisturbed. It is therefore a way for birdwatchers and ornithologists to gain a greater insight into Australian birds without actually having to get close to nests. This volume is a facsimile re-issue of the 2004 edition.
Gordon Beruldsen was a respected Australian ornithologist and a leading expert on Australian birds’ nests and eggs. He wrote several books on Australian birds in the 1970s culminating with A Field Guide to Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds in 1980 which he then updated and re-published in 2004. He died in 2007
Introduction PART ONE * How to Use this Guide * General Information * Conservation PART TWO * Colour Plates: Nests * Key to Nest Identification * Colour Plates: Eggs * Key to Egg Identification PART THREE * Individual Species Descriptions - Non-passerines * Individual Species Descriptions - Passerines Selected Reading Index to Common Names Index to Scientific Names
* Facsimile re-issue of a rare ornithological reference. * There has been a resurgence of interest in birdwatching since the advent of COVID-19.
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