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The Day My Vagina Broke follows one womans journey to becoming a mumma and how she had no idea childbirth could break your vagina… and you. Once youre pregnant the rest is easy right? No. Knowing parenting wouldnt be easy, Stephanie Thompson never thought too much about how the baby would actually arrive, and how that was, in fact, the hardest part of the journey so far. Many women feel foolish for not knowing what they didnt know; they found out the hard way. The Day My Vagina Broke is about breaking the silence on the secret womens code around childbirth and empowering mums-to-be at their most vulnerable time. After going through her own tough childbirth experience, Stephanie wants other mothers to be informed about all birthing methods and be empowered to decide which method is best for their individual needs, not what they hear or read as being the ‘best. This book builds a sisterhood of support by taking away the pressure and judgement so many women place on themselves and others. While this is a tough subject, ‘The Day My Vagina Broke’ also provides hope for those who have been through a difficult birth and shows that you can still enjoy that wonderful moment you meet your baby for the first time.

First and foremost, Stephanie Thompson is an awesome and brave mumma (and wife). The long journey to becoming a mum is her greatest achievement. Her ‘never-die’ attitude and resilience to adversity was never going to let cancer or birth trauma stop her from trying to be the ‘best’ mum she can be. With over 15 years’ experience working as an educator and leader, she knows how important advocacy is for making real change. After completing her degree in Education, she worked as a critical responder in Child Protection for a few years before heading into the classrooms of public schools across Sydney for the next decade. Prior to the birth of her babies, she was an education consultant for some of the top private schools in Sydney, Melbourne and Tasmania. It was at the same time she was running a small tea business and competing in Triathlons. Busy is what she does best. Stephanie lives with her loving husband, two little people and two fat cats on the South Coast of New South Wales. She isn’t able to be a teacher, a triathlete or tea business owner anymore. The trauma from her birth has left her body broken. But of course, that is not the end of the story. After looking in all the wrong places for her resolve, she discovered writing. Writing is now a way she is trying to make way for change in this childbirth space. She has started the ‘Bravemumma’ community and is working hard to advocate for the sisterhood to band together and support one another in what is already a difficult time. Her main aim is to ensure women can feel empowered to make informed decisions about their birth – and beyond in motherhood. When she manages to find a spare 32 minutes, she enjoys watching The Let Down, while folding the Mt.Washmore of baby clothes with a cup of tea.

* It is unique because it goes against the grain of all the one-sided woo woo books. Its real and raw. * Its current. The majority of pregnancy books are decades old. Women have changed so much i.e Insta Mummy wanting perfection and everything natural. * I wrote the book to advocate for change of one ideal being the best in childbirth over another. For acceptance of mummas needs and choices. * To educate mums to be...just because they are told and sold one ideal, it does not mean it is the only way. * I want the words normal and natural to be expelled from all birthing conversations. It is vaginal or cesarean section. You can still have love and woo woo without these two words. * Advocate for the sisterhood to stop judging and start supporting mummas. * For policy makers to listen to mums and their traumatic stories, and how their policy (2010) has negatively directly impacted us. * The Bravemumma FB, Instagram and website have started. * Author has local and national media contacts she will be using. * Approach podcats such as Yumi Stynes. * We are in talks with two different small marketing companies. * Possible launch at the Wollongong Writers Festival.


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