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IndoChine Style

Indochine Style takes you into the heart of an exciting and eclectic world inspired by Indian, Chinese and French traditions. The projects featured celebrate the best of what is often referred to as Indochine: Vietnamese and Laotian architecture, interiors and crafts. From villas to resorts, from the nostalgic to the modern, Barbara Walker, shares her insights on the intriguing and beautiful world in this stunning illustrated book. Comprising over 300 specially commissioned colour images, the publication is a visual spectacle.
Barbara Walker lived in Vietnam during 2004-05 and travelled extensively in the regions once called Indochina. After returning to her home in Florida, USA, she continued research and writing Indochine Style. Barbara is the author of Bali Style (1995) and Gathering Places: Balinese Architecture; A Spiritual & Spatial Orientation (2005). Jay Graham is based in San Francisco and specializes in commercial, architectural, travel, and fine art photography. His photographs are featured in international collections and his work has been published in leading publications in the United States and Asia. More of his work can be seen at
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