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'Design Art of Villa II', showcases a collection of beautiful and uniquely designed villa design projects from designers all around the world. Lavishly illustrated, the book provides explanations about each villa, architectural plans and detailed photography of both the exterior and interior. The design agency, project designer and their team as well as the individual photographers are all listed for each project.
Contents: Skywave House; L House; Nettleton 199; Sandhurst Towers; Sow Geneval; Nettleton 195l; Victoria 73t; Dakar Sow; Silverhurst; First Crescent; La Lucia; Head Road 1843; House Constantia Kloof; House Mosi; House Tat; G House; K3 House; A House; Serenity House; House in Ukraine; LA BOYITA; Cloud House; Klein Bottle House; Letterbox House; Glenbrook Residence; Black White Residence; Calem-Rubin Residence; Cohen Levine; Fort Scott Residence; Jigsaw; Graticule House; Kayu Aga House; Skyline Residence; Wide Open Villa; Makana House; Orange Houser; Swing House; Florida Beach House; The White House Prahran; Ipes House; V4 House.


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