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Crown House Publishing

Crown House Publishing is a rapidly growing publishing house specialising in the areas of Education, Coaching, Business Training and Development, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Self Help, Mind Body Spirit and Personal Growth.

In February 2014, for the second year running, we won the Independent Publishing Guild Education Publisher of the Year Award. The publishing business is now thriving under a team of highly skilled and creative people who love working with authors to create highly informative, instructional, fun and often life-changing books. Our authors are our strength and together we have published bestsellers, award-winning titles and ground-breaking work in all our specialist areas.

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Magic of NLP Demystified 2ed by Author: Lewis, Byron

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AUD $37.99

Juice & Blend: 7-Day Reset by Author: Vale, Jason

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AUD $33.99

Literacy by Author: Beadle, Phil

Add to Cart Stock: 104 in stock
AUD $28.99

Powering Up Students by Author: Claxton, Guy and Powell, Graham

Add to Cart Stock: 69 in stock
AUD $37.99

Dirty Teaching by Author: Robertson, Juliet

Add to Cart Stock: 61 in stock
AUD $42.99

Imperfect Leadership by Author: Munby, Steve and Fullan, Michael

Add to Cart Stock: 56 in stock
AUD $44.99

Kick the Drink...Easily! by Author: Vale, Jason

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AUD $33.99
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