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A publisher of original scholarship since its founding in 1916, New York University Press is a department of the New York University Division of Libraries. Working across the humanities and social sciences, NYU Press has award-winning lists in sociology, law, cultural and American studies, religion, history, anthropology, politics, criminology, media and communication, literary studies, and psychology. Several key themes or topics, especially race, ethnicity, gender, and youth studies, unify all our publishing disciplines.

Making common cause with the best and the brightest, the great and the good, NYU Press aspires to nothing less than the transformation of the intellectual and cultural landscape. Infused with the conviction that the ideas of the academy matter, we foster knowledge that resonates within and beyond the walls of the university. If the university is the public square for intellectual debate, NYU Press is its soapbox, offering original thinkers a forum for the written word. Our authors think, teach, and contend; NYU Press crafts, publishes and disseminates. 

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Karl Marx's Ecosocialism by Author: Saito, Kohei

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Big Farms Make Big Flu: by Author: Wallace, Rob

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AUD $54.99

Honey on the Page by Author: Udel, Miriam; Zipes, Jack

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AUD $58.99

What Would Mrs. Astor Do? by Author: Tichi, Cecelia

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AUD $48.99

Race and Media by Author: Lopez, Lori Kido

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True Sex by Author: Skidmore, Emily

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