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Magination Press

In 1987, Magination Press® was created out of a desire to publish innovative books that would help children deal with the many challenges and problems they face as they grow up.

Written for ages 4 through 18, these books deal with topics ranging from the everyday — starting school, shyness, normal fears, and a new baby in the house — to more serious problems, such as divorce, attention deficit disorder, depression, serious injury or illness, autism, trauma, death, and much more.

Most of our books are written by mental health professionals or those who work closely with them and with children. Our books help children understand their feelings, provide information about the topic or situation, and offer extensive practical coping strategies. A comprehensive Note to Parents is usually included to help guide parents, therapists, social workers, and teachers in using the book.
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What to Do When You Worry Too Much Dawn Huebner et al

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AUD $34.99

All My Stripes Shaina Rudolph et al

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AUD $30.99

Something Very Sad Happened Bonnie Zucker et al

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AUD $34.99

What to Do When Your Temper Flares Dawn Huebner et al

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AUD $34.99

It Hurts When I Poop! Howard J. Bennett et al

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AUD $20.99

Something Happened in Our Town Marianne Celano et al

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AUD $34.99

When Nana Dances Jane Yolen et al

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AUD $34.99
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