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    Let's Get Real

    Discover the reasons most Australian Property Investors Fail to Get theResults they Desire
    Let’s Get Real invites readers to learn the facts about property investing. • It starts by encouraging you to clarify your current financial and personal situation; then • Fast-forward and define what you want life to look like in years to come; and • Develop a wealth creation plan to achieve the lifestyle you desire when you no longer want to work. The authors concentrate on the ‘why to’ rather than the ‘how to’, believing that once you have your mindset focused, your goals set and an understanding of the work involved, then the nuts and bolts of property investing are secondary. The book examines why property is still the best way to create wealth, despite tigher lending criteria and lower affordability. It reviews the challenges other generations faced, giving current property investors some perspective. With cartoons, graphics and motivational quotes throughout, this book is an easy read, but it’s not always easy to read – the authors ask you some hard questions along the way. They believe they have to – it’s all part of ‘getting real’ about property investing to make sure you get real results.
    Luke Harris and Matthew Bateman combine four decades of experience in business, property and investing in this book. From humble beginnings, with little experience and nothing more than big dreams and a can-do attitude, Matt and Luke have both created and continue to grow significant wealth through property for clients and for themselves. Together they started The Property Mentors, a Melbourne-based business comprising an elite team of property professionals who educate, motivate and facilitate clients from all around Australia.
    (1) A fresh approach to property investing, mentoring readers to success; (2) Property prices are flattening out, making it a great time to get educated and invest in a quieter market; (3) Extensive marketing and publicity campaign will accompnay the launch of the book.
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