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The Phil O'Brien Collection
Security and the suburbs never really appealed to Phil OBrien, so he unshackled the chains of society and through them out the car window, and set himself free... many years and about 200 different jobs later he is still out there roaming around! His life has evolved into a fascinating unique combination of freedom, and the desire to experience places and people without the restraints most urban Australians have placed around themselves. Reckless Financially Irresponsible and prone to Bad Luck, Phil OBrien has turned drifting around Outback Australia into an art form ! Containing about 30 short easy to read stories [including pictures]this book will appeal to a wide range of readers, from city dwellers who enjoy an escape to country folk that will relate to the real life events and characters. Also travelers looking for a light read while in transit, and overseas tourists looking to take home a genuine piece of Australian literature, I believe will be attracted to this book. Stories are based on Phil’s adventures across the Northern Territory, the Kimberley region and beyond, and also forays down to the ‘Big Smoke’. Of the hundreds of jobs, the longest was Crocodile Farming in Arnhem Land [2and a half years]to the shortest, as a drink waiter in Melbourne[approximately 27seconds], and there’s been everything in between. This humble book says it all… Potentially this could be one of those books that really stands out in the crowd, a real collectors edition for people that love a good laugh, and a Fair Dinkum Aussie yarn.
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