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Math in Drag

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Unleash your inner math diva.

Join sensational drag queen Kyne Santos on an extraordinary journey through the glamorous world of... math?

This sassy book is your VIP pass, taking you behind the scenes with a TikTok superstar who shatters stereotypes and proves that math can be fascinating and fun, even for people who think they arent good at it.

With her irreverent style and unique perspective, Kyne investigates mathematical mysteries while educating us about the art of drag. She explores surprising connections, such as the elegance of ballroom culture and the nature of infinity, the rebellious joys of Pride and dividing by zero, and the role of statistics in her own experience on Drag Race. Kyne gets personal while sharing her experiences as a queer person forging a path in STEM, overcoming obstacles to stay fierce, stay real, and thrive! She empowers readers of all skill levels to break school rules, question everything, and embrace maths beauty.

In Math in Drag, numbers glitter, equations sashay through history, and inclusivity is a celebration. Read it to fire your excitement and unleash your inner math diva!

Kyne Santos is a math educator, science communicator, social media influencer, and drag queen.

Chapter 1. Infinite Possibilities
Chapter 2. Celebrity Numbers
Chapter 3. How to Cut a Cake and Eat It Too
Chapter 4. Luck Be a Ladyboy
Chapter 5. The Average Queen
Chapter 6. Growing Pains
Chapter 7. Illegal Math
Chapter 8. Queer Geometry
Chapter 9. Mathematical Realness
Chapter 10. Curtain Call
The "Quintessentially Kyne" Playlist

Unleash your inner math diva.

This is a dazzling, joyful, and hard-hitting account of how math—and humans—cannot be confined to rigid boxes no matter how much some people try to box them in. Kynes irrepressible spirit shines through bravely and fabulously.

— Eugenia Cheng, author of Is Math Real? and How to Bake Pi

With a fabulous wig in one hand and a trusty piece of chalk in the other, Kyne fearlessly guides us through a dazzling odyssey of math and drag. Prepare yourself for a mathematical eleganza extravaganza thats as enlightening as it is entertaining.

— Anthony Bonato, Toronto Metropolitan University

In this courageous and revolutionary masterpiece, Kyne effortlessly blends the whimsy and wonder of mathematics with the glitz and glamour of drag, revealing math to be a field as creative, complex, and constantly evolving as the diverse humans who engage with it!

— Vanessa Vakharia, The Math Guru

Part memoir and part math, this delightful book shows some beautiful math and math history in their best drag. I couldnt put it down!

— Mike Hill, University of California, Los Angeles, and cofounder of Spectra: The Association for LGBTQ+ Mathematicians

Math in Drag is an absolute delight! Kyne Santos helps readers understand math in a whole new way. Engaging, fabulous, empowering, and informative, its like spending quality time with your favorite drag queen!

— Christine Bollow, Loyalty Bookstores and Bookstagrammer

Kyne is a brilliant queen, exploring problems no other drag queen dares to solve! This book wont leave readers puzzled; it makes math feel as easy as pi!

— Kim Chi, RuPauls Drag Race finalist and founder of KimChi Chic Beauty

I absolutely hate math, but Kyne made me fall in love with it?! Math is no longer a toxic lover in my life, especially when she uses K-POP anecdotes to make me understand it. Im obsessed.

— Priyanka, winner, Canadas Drag Race

Math in Drag flows between advanced math concepts, math history, queer history, and Kynes personal herstory as seamlessly as a mobius strip. Kyne challenges the reader to rethink everything from what numbers are to ones own psychological biases, to see the world with an open mind, and to challenge the status quo.

— Danny Hieber, linguist and science communicator, Linguistic Discovery

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