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The Art of Drawing

One of the most popular drawing guides ever published, The Art of Drawing has been an informative and thorough guide to several generations of aspiring artists. For fifty years, Willy Pogany has given the main principles of drawing in a simple, constructive way. By following the sequences laid out in the lessons, students quickly master the art of drawing. As further aid, Pogany gives a complete anatomical description of the body for each section, including a list of all bones and a description of the muscles and their uses. The Art of Drawing provides a complete drawing system and includes hundreds of illustrations. Every artist, beginning or advanced, should own this book.
William Andrew Pogany was a prolific Hungarian-born illustrator. He was educated in Budapest, and later attended art school, working and studying in Munich, Paris, and London. Afterwards, he emigrated to the United States and eventually moved to Hollywood where he worked as an art director for a number of film studios.
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